SEE LAB – Final reviews: what you need to know…


Individual final reviews will be happening Thursday and Friday of this week during our regular class time. Here you will find the schedule of events: SEE LAB FINAL REVIEWS.

Remember please try to be on time, and early enough to hang your work. And please have patience and be respectful while reviews are going on.

The work we will ask to be seeing is:

1.Contour line drawing

2. Your best sustained smoke drawing from still life (using side of charcoal and eraser)

3. Your best sustained sight lines drawing from still life

4. Tree studies

5. Night drawing

6. Final assignment (4 drawings)

Thanks! Kat n Kathy

Final Project for Studio: MAKE


Final Project Description

For this final project you will be creating a 3 dimensional, self supporting, free standing structure out of heavy weight paper. You will use the skills you have developed over the past 2 weeks to design a structure that hybridizes and abstracts the 2 X enlarged pattern you developed for one of your found objects. You may also choose to borrow inspiration from your classmates if one of them has a pattern that you would like to use.

You will be graded on the following:

1. Overall design and aesthetic strength of the structure
2. Overall structural strength of the project – is it free standing and self supporting?
3. Evidence of attention to detail and good craftsmanship


– Several sheets of heavy weight white drawing paper such as Stonehenge or BFK Rives
– Craft Glue

** students are expected to provide their own materials for this project.

Project is due on Friday October 9th.

Checklist for final critique (Group B with instructors: John, Barbara, Kevin)

For your convenience, here is the checklist for students in Group B, those studying with faculty instructors John, Barbara, and Kevin.  This checklist was also posted last week on the walls of the classroom studio.

Projects checklist

You must bring the following projects to your final crit. These, with exception of computer files, must be ready to hang on the walls 20 minutes BEFORE your scheduled critique. (The first group on Monday and the first group on Tuesday should arrive at 7:30AM to put up their work.)

Project 1.

Four darkened room charcoal drawings:

— Drawing done in near-total darkness as response to the rectangle of the paper and to the sounds
— Drawing of the unstable pinpoint light
— Drawing of after-images created by flash-bulb burst of light
— Drawing of closed-eye vision (after pressing on closed eyelids)

Project 2.

— Negative Charcoal drawing, inverting the black, white, and gray-scale values derived from one of the darkened room drawings.

Project 3.

— 360-degree drawing project

Project 4.

Digital “Image Breakdown” (fractals) project:

— Minimum of 9 digital files made in Photoshop must be in Barbara’s folder on the 5th floor computer workstation in the “East” Computer Lab by Sunday night at 9:00pm. If you already put them there (for that critique), then you are done with this item of the checklist.

Project 5.

Invented Spaces project (using chicken wire, photos, drawing, etc.):

Do bring the following 2 items (note, you do not need to bring the original chicken wire):

— your original printed photo or photos (of the chicken wire, shadows, etc.)
— your completed project

Project 6.

Color Expression Through Juxtaposition – project with the following separate pieces:

— 6 swatches of single hue: opaque, plus changes in tint, shade, tone
— 2 adjacent colors covering single sheet of paper. One color advances, one color recedes
— 9-square grid (harmonious)
— 9-square grid (discordant)
— Color project homework due at final crit.

end of checklist.

Nikki S. Lee

Here is some more info on Nikki S. Lee, the artist whose film AKA Nikki S Lee, we watched on Wednesday. I strongly encourage you to check out more of her work – especially if you are interested in identity, portraiture and performance, she is truly a master of disguise and shape-shifter.

Sikkema Jenkins is her gallery where you can look at more of her work, including her latest drawing pieces.

And this are the final photographs from the Jewish “wedding” scene in her film:1473_5-nikki_s_lee_Wedding41-627x594




Rainer Maria Rilke was a Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist who lived from 1875 until 1926. His work was intense, magical and relevant to the work you all are doing… to explore learn and become amazing artists.

The above is taken from one of his Letters to A Young Poet, ten letters he wrote to the young poet Franz Kappus about how a poet should feel, love, and seek truth in trying to understand and experience the world around him and engage the world of art. See all 10 letters he wrote here: