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Attendance Policy

All Foundation workshops are governed by the Foundations Attendance Policy. The policy is as follows:

Attendance is not only mandatory but it is crucial to your success in Foundations. Roll is taken daily in all workshops as well as for the Wednesday meeting. There are no ‘excused’ absences, you are either in class or absent. We understand that you may get sick or experience other difficult situations over the course of a semester, therefore we allow up to three absences without reducing your grade. Keep in mind that this is three absences for the entire semester across all workshops and including the Wednesday meeting. On the fourth absence,  your grade will be lowered by a half grade. (Ex. B to B-)  Please be on time, as three tardies are the equivalent of one absence. Ten or more absences will result in automatic failure of Foundations.

While we do not require a note from a doctor or any other documentation relating to your absence, we encourage you to talk to your faculty if you have an emergency that causes you to miss class. Please also share the information with either Profs. Michelle Illuminato, Angie To.

So what is in the Art Kit?

Tool + Material Kits 2013 – 2014

The Alfred University School of Art + Design Foundations Program requires that you purchase the following list of supplies. For convenience, the bookstore offers the kit at a discounted price, but if you already have many of these items, you are welcome to assemble the materials yourself. In addition, please read the Technology Guide for additional requirements including a computer, camera and other materials.
Drawing Pencils: 2 Ebony Pencils, 2 medium HB, 1 4H hard pencil
Compressed Charcoal 4 pack
3 Packs Vine Charcoal (30 sticks total)
9B Graphite Stick
2 Bulldog Clips
2 Kneaded Erasers
Pink Eraser
White Steadler Eraser
Acrylic Paint: white, black, cad red med, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, pthalo blue, cadmium yellow, yellow ocher
½” and 1” Bright Watercolor Brushes
1 Bamboo Brush
Wide cheap wooden brush horsehair (2 – 3 inches)
Olfa 9mm wheel lock utility knife (300)
Olfa Blades – 10 pack
X-Acto Knife with cap (#2)
X-Acto Blades (#2)
Scissors, Friskers 7”
Box of Pushpins (100 pieces)
Pack of Assorted Sewing Needles
Seam Ripper
Spool of Thread (Black)
Compass (with extension)

18” Metal Ruler with cork back
Hot Glue Gun
50 pack Glue Sticks
Sobo Glue

Work Gloves
Safety Glasses
26” x 38” Drawing Board (approx. size. Cannot be smaller than 22” x 30”)
16” Tool Box w/tray
1 25-sheet package of 81/2 x 11 photo paper
1 Flash Drive 4 G or higher.
10 pack of DVD’s in cases

Thanks to PropMedic on deviant art for the image! ( See at


Hello, you’ve reached the Division of Foundations at Alfred University, New York College of Ceramics, School of Art + Design, in Alfred, New York.

Here you can find info about happenings, classes, and visitors, as well as practical info for new students such as how to register, graduation expectations, and guides to technology and tools. There is also a link to the Foundations Flickr page, where you can get a peek at the 2013 Foundations Exhibition and student work!

A special welcome to our newly accepted students!  You will join over 120 other bright young artists as they begin their educational journeys at AU’s School of Art + Design! Before you arrive on campus, you’ll need to take care of a number of things. The Alfred Foundation Blog will walk you through your first steps! Take some time and read the blog starting with the titles under ‘Getting Started’ (over there -> in the right column). For questions, email Shelly Grant at in the School of Art + Design Office.

Check back often, as it is always changing!

Have a good summer.

Angie To and Ted Morgan

Wishing you Well!

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Hello Post-Freshmen!

I just want to thank you all for a great year. I hope that you all have come to think of Alfred as a supportive environment rich with learning, friendship, and new adventures! We saw all of you take risks, have successes, and become an important part of our community.

I wish you a wonderful summer and a happy sophomore year.

This is the time where I switch the blog and welcome the new students… but nothing from your year will be deleted… you’ll always find the pictures and messages that I posted here if you ever need them!                                                                                                                            —Michelle


Letter from your past self?

Letters_to_futureOn the first day of school you were asked to write a letter to your future self! On the day of the Foundations Exhibition I mailed them out across the country!

Did you get it? Did it strike a cord with your present self? If so, please share your thoughts with me and I will share them here on the blog!

Now if you didn’t get one and wish you had… go to and send a letter to yourself on your graduation day from Alfred in May 2016!

Questions for YOU!

1. Did you register?

2. Do you have at least 12 credits and not more than 18?

3. Did you sign up for at least one Art History AND an Art History Lab for each section? (Also make sure that you are not taking more than ONE during the same block!)

4. Do you know what writing course you should take?  (If not, see the registration post to learn how your test scores help determine this.)

5. Did you get all your technology, materials, and book?

Check over your schedule! It’s important to have this all finished before you arrive.

See you soon!

Art Materials!

Yep!  You’ll need materials for your classes this fall. 

First check out the Material Archive post….and get started collecting! Then look at the required materials list for your ‘art kit’  below. You can choose to assemble these materials yourself, or take advantage of the convenience and savings of having the AU Bookstore do it for you. The Art Kit can be purchased online at the AU Bookstore (along with the required book, How to be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith.)

To do this, go directly to the bookstore or click on ‘text’ while in BannerWeb!