An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

04nov-manifestoBruce Mau is the Creative Director of Bruce Mau Design, based in Toronto, Canada. In 2003, he founded the Institute Without Boundaries, a twelve-month interdisciplinary postgraduate program that aims to produce a new breed of designer, one who is, “a synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist. “ Mau is an exemplar of creativity, and in his “Incomplete Manifesto for Growth” articulates his beliefs, motivations and strategies. To read the full list go to his site:

DOWNLOAD your own copy here: 04nov-manifesto

Blogs for Divisions in the School of Art!

Looking for more information about the Divisions in the School of Art + Design? Here are a list of links to their blogs. They list classes, professors and additional ways to learn more!


Drawing Painting Photography

Expanded Media

Sculpture & Dimensional Studies


06RAGNAR1_SPAN-superJumbo    interpolation dramatization 9

I hope you all are getting excited about our upcoming trip to Cleveland… There is going to be some really great work up, and shows that are quite appropriate to some topics covered in many of our classes (identity, mark-making, color and light…)

Please check out some of the exhibits and maybe start doing some background research on some of the artists.  There a little something for everyone: photography, painting, textiles, video, glass, even music! Check it:

Cleveland Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art

AsTheAirF3-indexHave you been enjoying the spectacular As the Air Moves Back From You in the Fosdick-Nelson? If not there is still time to get involved, see a performance or two or three, and take a master class! It is all free and open to you!  Learn more about it here:
Also before the performances there is something lovely happening from 11 until the performance.  Music by John Laprade, Costume by Marketa Fantova. Click below to see the schedule and learn more about the classes offered this week.

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