Tomorrow is Tuesday. Day TWO.

FOR TONIGHT: cover all the walls and columns in the Harder Hall Studio! Keep in mind WHAT you are trying to convey… HOME/ME. It was suggested for you to use variations of brushes (and line!), to think about the big picture/the overall composition, and not to be timid but to go in and rework some of the drawings. Keep moving, we are looking for an inclusive drawing not one were we see individual areas.

FOR TOMORROW: Please bring brushes, sharpie pens or other black marker-type pens, any visual materials including your maps, glue stick, scissors, x-acto knives… plus your HOMETOWN story, YOUR OBJECT and story, and your MAP!

What did they say to bring Monday?

Slide15Ok, yep. You had loads of info given to you this week so a little recap might be in order.

All freshman art students meet Monday, Harder Hall Studios at 8 am. Please bring with you your HOMETOWN STORY, Your OBJECT and a story about it, and your map. Wear studio clothes and comfortable shoes (no flip flops) and be ready to go!

Have a great weekend.

Michelle + Kat + Angie

hum, hum…are you registered yet? Classes are filling fast….

Register for classes (should be DONE!)

Purchase Art Kit Materials and Book

Purchase Technology (computer, camera, printer +)

Collect Material Archive

Pack a map from my hometown and an object that is IMPORTANT to me.

Read First Assignment, Bruce Mau’s ‘Incomplete Manifesto for Growth’ (on this site under readings)