Study Abroad Fair
Date: Friday, October 24
Time: 11-2
Place: Knight Club

Learn about short-term, semester, and full-year study abroad opportunities, vote for your favorite photo in the study abroad photo contest, meet students who have been abroad, meet students from our partner universities abroad, find out about post-graduate opportunities, and win a door prize!


Here is a link to the New York Close Up video series, which we sampled today.  We encourage you to explore more of the videos – see how different artists approach image-making, process and materials.  The series includes photographers, animators, sculptors, performers, painters, installation artists, and artists engaged in a political and social practice – a little something for everyone.

Below are some more works of the artists we looked at today, and links to their personal websites.  If you liked what you saw, keep looking!

Alejandro Almanza Pereda

AlejandroAlmanzaPerreda11   AlejandroAlmanzaPerreda22 Alejandro-Almanza-Pereda-2

Bryan Zanisnik

2009-Trophy-Room-low-res-710x299SONY DSC

Louise Despont


keep-calm-and-welcome-back-37Hope you all had a nice mid-semester break. Following are some questions and answers to get things going in the right direction as we jump into B Block!

What materials will I need for my B Block art classes?

A Group:
Replenish your art kits.  Especially charcoal, erasers, scissors, x-acto knife/ utility knife + extra blades, glue gun and hot glue sticks A 2-3 inch utility paint brush and several plastic containers the size of a large quart container or a gallon bucket.

B Group:
Replenish your art kits.  Please add 2 glue sticks to the kit (the kind for gluing paper NOT the hot glue sticks for glue guns)  Make sure you have your x-acto knife/ utility knife + extra blades and a pair of scissors. For your STUDIO The Line class (meets Monday) please bring to class: a camera (basic point+shoot digital or camera w/ phone) and your laptop computer (if you have one). You will also need to bring from home your extra-warm coat, sturdy shoes or boots.

Where should I be on Wednesday? You should be in Nevins for your Wednesday morning seminar… which starts at 9am.

Where should I be on Thursday and Friday? You should report to your new B Block classes. For Foundations that means that Group A and Group B simply switch classes. See below:

A Group  M+ T DRAWO (Vadja/Gill/Deutsch) Harder                                                                    TH+F STUDIOmake (To/Woo) Harder

B Group  M+ T, STUDIO Research (Illuminato/Hunter) Cohen Bottom Floor                                        TH+F DRAWX (Lemeland/Riesing) Cohen Top Floor

Safe Travel back to Campus!  Michelle, Kat, and Angie.


Really awesome job on these.  I see we have some great human sculptures and photographers in the class! There were lots of great images to choose from.  Below are our Top 10 – these best reflect the assignment and are beautifully considered compositions!  Notice the consideration of line, color, space and light.

And check out our inspiration – Erwin Wurm’s work here


unnamed-8       unnamed-4


unnamed-1      unnamed-6unnamed-9

unnamed   unnamed-10