First Week Workshop!

Hello Students,

Hope you had a fun and restful break!  Your faculty are gearing up for your return. We’ve planned a workshop for the first week back that will further explore the theme of identity and the mutability of individual representation.  In preparation for this workshop we would like you to gather the following and bring these items back to campus:

  • 3 family photographs representing different time periods.  These may include you and/ or members of your extended family.  As you choose photographs think about humor, significant events and how well you know or would like to know your family members.  These photographs will be used for reference and will be returned to you.
  • Costume props:  clothing, jewelry, wigs, make-up.  Bring in as much variety as you can.  These items will be returned to you but may also be shared by other students in the class.
  • DSLR camera ( only if you already have one)

makeLAB: Andrew/Marguerite

For Andrew and Marguerite’s Sections of MakeLab, Groups B & D.

A important practice as an artist is collecting. Whether it be specimens of different elements of nature like shells, unusual sticks, or rare stones.  Some things, like the lint in our pockets we collect un-intentionally.

For the First day of class we will be participating in a gift exchange, sharing the objects we collect with each other.

You will need to bring in three objects –
2 things will be specimens from collections you have made.
Bring one thing you collect un-intentionally.

Package these objects together and wrap them as a gift, please provide a card that has a one sentence descriptive label for each of the objects.

Also, Please sign-up for woodshed training in the first week of the semester, there are sign-up sheets in the hallway outside the woodshed. This is MANDATORY for completion of the class.

makeLAB: Jason + John

For those in Jason and John’s section of makeLAB, please bring the following supplies with you to the first day of class.

2 Rolls – White Button/Upholstery Thread ( )

1 Gallon – Elmer’s Glue-All White Glue ( )

1 Pair Diagonal Cutters ( )

4 Quarts of Gloss Latex Paint in 4 different colors of your choice. You can get these mixed at Lowes/Home Depot or your local hardware store. Sometimes you can find miss-mixed paint at these stores for a substantial discount.

Trim Roller Paint Kit with Fabric Roller Covers -Please get fabric roller covers, not foam. Includes paint tray, roller and roller covers.( )

A collection of large cardboard boxes and found/recycled paper. Newspaper is ideal, but any type of recycled paper will work. At least 6 large cardboard boxes and several bags of paper. You can flatten the boxes to transport them.

Liquitex Basics Acrylics – You will also be using the Liquitex acrylic paint that came in your tool/material kit, so restock those if necessary.( )




fuseLAB: Lydia/Caitlin

Students in Lydia and Caitlin’s (ONLY) please purchase the following, replenish your kits and bring all to the first day of class.

-sketch book
-a pack of plain printing paper
-smartphone with camera (if possible)
-DSLR (if possible)
-Foundations kit
-replenish acrylic paint and colored pencils if need be
-brushes in kit
-xacto and blades in kit
-ruler in kit