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You are invited to attend Pour Your Heart Out, the The Foundry Guild Public Fundraising Event, Saturday Feb. 11th  from 2 – 6pm.

Events include:
‘Molten Metal Pour’ : Foundry Guild Students cast relief sculptures in hot metal : designed by YOU!
Also   ‘Spin Art’ + ‘Raffle’  + ‘Silent Art Auction’ +  ‘DJ Millhouse’
Auction + Raffle will end at 5 pm
T-Shirts, Food and Beverages available from the Foundry Guild !

Proceeds will be split 50/50 between Doctors Without Borders and The Foundry Guild Student Club for participation in National and International Conferences. TO RESERVE A $10 SCRATCH BLOCK TO MAKE A RELIEF PLEASE email Jeff Crawford at JCT4@alfred.edu.

The National Casting Center Foundry at Alfred University   www.alfredmeltdown.blogspot.com

Join Us for the Opening of Platonic Voyage!

prshot_alfredHello Class of 2013!  You should be on campus soon and in the mist of all this travel, moving in, and unpacking you will be invited to a ton of events. Some are required, others are just for fun.  Here’s one to put on your calendar under just for fun!

Join the artist Charles A. Westfall for the opening of a 24 hour art performance titled Platonic Voyage. The Cohen Studio will host the opening on Thursday, August 20th at 6:00 pm  (right behind Cohen Gallery on Main Street and the building where we will meet for class on Monday). The performance will continue non-stop into Friday evening. Here’s the description of the project.

Platonic Voyage is a media-based performance that uses Google Earth 5.0 to simulate the experience of an ocean voyage.  With a computer mouse and mouse-pad for an oar, Charles Westfall will paddle an inflatable raft across digital oceans in search of the things that men and women have always sought out on the high seas; freedom, self-discovery, and adventure (!).

Equal parts allegory and video game, Platonic Voyage uses the Internet and computer technologies to explore the ways in which virtual spaces and activities have come to function in contemporary society as a surrogate for the real.

For more information please visit…http://www.platonicvoyage.com