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It’s Final Review Time. Please show up 15 minutes early to set up your portfolio in the area you are assigned. Take time setting up to present your work in the best possible way. This may mean that you must fix, retouch or cleanup artworks. Reviews are are important, required of all students, and will not be rescheduled.




What to bring to my review?

Your 15 minutes of fame is almost here! This is what faculty would like you to bring.

seeLAB (Kathy)
A Block:

  • line search drawing
  • Large drawing of wall still life
  • Invented still life drawing

B Block:

  • Large drawing of wall still life
  • Computer architectural drawing
  • Combined space drawing or first line search drawing

seeLAB (Ted/Andrew)

  • 2 black and white collages


fuseLAB (Angie)

A Block/B Group

  • Images from final project

B Block/D Group:

  • Final collage self portrait + final photo self portrait project ( all 12 images)

fuseLAB (Lydia/Lee)

  • Collage Object
  • Miniature + photo of miniature (1)


makeLAB (Jason/John) ALL students

  • Sculpture OR Multiple images of different    viewpoints/details
  • Plus: Prints/images of your source collages


coLAB (Trevor/Brett/Michelle) ALL students

  • Two or more: 8 ½ x 11 images of Final Puppet Show
  • Select one: puppet/s, drawings, storyboard, video



Review Time is coming! (UPDATED)

Each of you will have your 15 minutes in the spotlight during review week… this coming December 3, 4 and 6. To get ready you will need to assemble the following items requested by your faculty.  Take a moment and look-over your work, clean up surfaces, and improve anything that you’d like…

A schedule and more about reviews to follow!

DRAW X (Jason/Will)
A Block:
1. Traced Shape Drawing
2. Architectural Collage Drawing
3. Self Portrait
optional: Shape Painting

B Block:
1. Transparency Drawing
2. Architectural Collage Drawing
3. Self Portrait

DRAW O (Ted/Kevin)

A Block:
1. Nocturne
2. cup/ellipses/water
3. life size self portrait

B Block:
1. Pencil stairwell
2. Ink wash/cup/ellipses
3. Allegory self portrait

STUDIO Make (Angie/John)

1. paper mache sculptures or a good color photograph (at least 8 x 10 size)

STUDIO Research (Brett/Michelle)

1. Your final project or photo documentation. (at least 8 x 10 size)
2. Photos of your two best investigations. (at least 8 x 10 size)
3. Your completed blog (bring your laptop, for those without, we will have some available in the studio).

So what can you expect…during REVIEW WEEK?

Image by James Yang http://www.jamesyang.com

First, each of you will have 15 minutes to discuss your work and semester-long progress with a group of faculty. That is the only time you will be required to meet for Foundations next week. You will be assigned a time and an area number. Please come at least 15 minutes early to set up your work. When you arrive, go to the area with the number that you were assigned. It should be empty and ready for you to set up 15 minutes before your time. Please bring your laptop if you have one. If not you can use one that is in the studio.

Please check the blog for what each of your faculty has requested that you bring to the review. Please make sure to have everything that is requested. Faculty will have a checklist and will expect you to talk about the work you have created. Take some time beforehand to think about your strengths, how you have grown, and what you need to work on to improve. This information will help faculty understand your first semester experience and give more appropriate feedback.

Schedules will be available on the blog and posted in the studios. Reviews will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8 am until 11 am in the Cohen Studios.