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keep-calm-and-welcome-back-37Hope you all had a nice mid-semester break. Following are some questions and answers to get things going in the right direction as we jump into B Block!

What materials will I need for my B Block art classes?

A Group:
Replenish your art kits.  Especially charcoal, erasers, scissors, x-acto knife/ utility knife + extra blades, glue gun and hot glue sticks A 2-3 inch utility paint brush and several plastic containers the size of a large quart container or a gallon bucket.

B Group:
Replenish your art kits.  Please add 2 glue sticks to the kit (the kind for gluing paper NOT the hot glue sticks for glue guns)  Make sure you have your x-acto knife/ utility knife + extra blades and a pair of scissors. For your STUDIO The Line class (meets Monday) please bring to class: a camera (basic point+shoot digital or camera w/ phone) and your laptop computer (if you have one). You will also need to bring from home your extra-warm coat, sturdy shoes or boots.

Where should I be on Wednesday? You should be in Nevins for your Wednesday morning seminar… which starts at 9am.

Where should I be on Thursday and Friday? You should report to your new B Block classes. For Foundations that means that Group A and Group B simply switch classes. See below:

A Group  M+ T DRAWO (Vadja/Gill/Deutsch) Harder                                                                    TH+F STUDIOmake (To/Woo) Harder

B Group  M+ T, STUDIO Research (Illuminato/Hunter) Cohen Bottom Floor                                        TH+F DRAWX (Lemeland/Riesing) Cohen Top Floor

Safe Travel back to Campus!  Michelle, Kat, and Angie.

A or B?

You have been assigned to either Group A or Group B for Fall Semester Foundations. You will move with this group through 4 workshops that are taught by faculty teams. These are:

DRAWING X (experimental)
Will Contino/Jason Green, M/T, Harder Hall, 2nd FL , Group A Bring: Sketchbook, Art Kit, Drawing Board

STUDIO Research
Michelle Illuminato/Brett Hunter, M/T, Cohen basement, Group B Bring: Sketchbook, the book “How to be an Explorer of the World” and your laptop.

Angie To/John Gill, Th/F, Harder Hall, 2nd FL, Group A

DRAWING O (observation)
Ted Morgan/Kevin Wixted, Th/F, Cohen 1st Floor, Group B

To find out which group you are in, download using first link, view using second.