Dear Students,

The following is information regarding B Block Foundations classes and what to bring back to campus after the break.

A Group:

Will be taking Drawing:EX with professors Livingston and Lohin on mondays and tuesdays in the Harder Hall Studio.  On thursdays and fridays you will be taking Studio:Research with professors, Ferguson, Hunter and Oesch in the Harder Hall Studio.

** please bring back the following materials:

  1. 1 ream of 8 1/2 x 11 white copy paper ( 500 sheets)
  2. Any scrap fabric and sewing notions you have at home (check with moms, grandmas and neighbors who sew for donations)
  3. a point and shoot camera or video camera ( if you have access or can borrow one)
  4. Re-fill your art kits


B Group:

Will be taking Studio:MAKE with professors To and Ethridge on mondays and tuesdays in the basement level of Cohen.  On thursdays and fridays you will be meeting with professors Riesing and Green for the Drawing:OB class on main floor of Cohen Studio

** please bring back the following materials:

  1. 6 skeins/balls of yarn.  Colors of your choice. You may buy new or bring yarn that you already possess.
  2. 2 crochet hooks, a size 10 and 20 or equivalent.
  3. Re-fill your art kits





Cohen drawing CLEAN UP

Please please please please help us clean up. Below is a picture from Francis Bacon’s studio… let’s not let it get this bad, eh?

Remove all your drawings (they will get tossed otherwise) and please clean up collage material thats been strewn across the floor.


Francis Bacon: great painter, bad organizer. bacons-studio

Observational Drawing: Final crit lineup

Wanted to remind you all how awesome your portraits are, here is a selection:

Here is the lineup for class this week : FINAL CRITS BLOCK A

Please come in early and give yourself time to set up your drawings to assure that you get the full critique time!

For your critique please bring: your completed value still life drawing, charcoal portrait, two best ink wash drawings, final drawing collage

And please remember to spend some time cleaning up the space before you head off for break.

— Kat n Jason

Gallery Talk with Chiaozza


Foundations is sponsoring a gallery talk by Lit exhibition artists Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao.  The talk is on Tuesday October 11th at 2:30 in the Fosdick Nelson Gallery.  Attendance is mandatory unless you have a scheduled class that conflicts with that time.