Amelie and Wednesday class homework


Hi all – a reminder for your homework for next Wednesday’s class. Please read the xerox handout given at the end of class. Alejandro is also going to make this available on Canvas.

Please finish Amelie. Its hard to find online, but Alejandro found a link here:

The only free link does not have subtitles. 
Here is where you can watch it.
You Tube $1.99
Get some friends together, make some popcorn and have a screening…
When you have finished the movie please fill out the worksheet that Alejandro is posting to Canvas.  It looks like this:
post-viewing assignment
Make a list of 20 things that you like and dislike.
What did you like/dislike about each of the characters? Why?
Pick your favorite scene of the movie a describe it.
Do you think you have an obsession like the painter (the “glass man”) did?
At the beginning of the film, Amelie is duped into thinking her camera causes accidents – like the car crash. 
After using your camera to document in the last intervention assignment- what special powers do you think your camera has?
Did you like watching the movie in French with English subtitles?
Identify some instances or scenes in the movie that correlate to the following words:

Wednesday Class

A reminder that we will be meeting at our usual Wednesday class time of 9 am in Nevins Campus Theater. We will be having our first Wednesday class with Alejandro; he has requested that you bring a notebook/ sketchbook and either a pen or pencil to write with.

see you in the morning!

Foundations + NYC = ART!!!


As mentioned last week during Wednesday class we are taking an overnight trip to New York City. This is scheduled for the weekend of September 29th. We will be leaving early, early Saturday morning and returning late, late Sunday evening. We will be traveling on 2 large motor coaches to the city and you will be staying together in a hostel near Central Park on Saturday night. The cost of the trip is part of your Foundations Lab fee. This covers transportation and hostel + admission to 1 museum. You will be responsible for food, subway fare etc.

This is an annual trip that Foundations takes and is a great way to see contemporary art as well as to experience life outside of the village of Alfred.

While we expect full participation in this field trip the faculty are aware of the fact that some of you have other obligations during the weekend. If this is the case please contact Angie by the end of this week before Friday, September 15th to let her know you will not be going on the field trip

Drawing: Observational Homework

Hello B Group — the following is the homework you were given at the end of class today. It is due at the beginning of class on Monday.

Night Landscape Drawing:

Materials: 1 sheet of 22 x 30 Stonehenge drawing paper ( I have left out paper in the studio for your use)


Make a drawing of a night time landscape. This drawing should encompass all of the exercises we have done in class over the past 2 weeks in which you have learned about incorporating a wide range of values from white to black. Please take time to scout out locations and to do thumbnail sketches before committing to a location for the homework. Since we have not yet tackled architecture I suggest that you concentrate on open landscape. You are asked to do a night time drawing so that you are challenged to view, translate and then describe, through your knowledge of the value scale, a scene that is mostly dark values as opposed to light values during the daytime. Remember to work from general to specific detail.



B Group Studio:Make

Hello B Group,

the following is some information on the things John was referencing in class for you to review.

Bower Birds

Building a birch bark canoe, collecting material

SAM Video: Kurt Scott Fife
(Kurt Cobain Paper head, Seattle art museum)

Model of a record-setting plane

How to make a log chair with hand tools