Let’s Get Happy!!

D. Chase Angier and The Site Specific Performance class, along with Marketa Fantova and The Principles of Theatrical and Performance Design class want to collaborate with YOU to create


The second site specific dance in the Happy Dance Series, Wednesday, October 6 from 11:00am to 5:00pm second floor of Harder Hall (in the outside courtyard across from the Moka Joka).

Bounce away the gloom of midterms and Get Happy!  We can’t do it without YOU!

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All you need to do is sign up for a 3 – 5 minute time slot on the master time sheet located in the Moka Joka in Harder Hall.  Then show up on Wed. Oct 6th during your given time to Harder wearing clothes that make you happy and jump and/or dance on a mini-trampoline for the duration of your favorite song! (Please bring your favorite song on a mp3 player, or laptop, or we can provide music)

When you sign the form, you are making a commitment to show up and participate!

Participants do not need to be present for the entire duration of the performance, only their own 15-minute time slot, although we invite you to join us every hour on the hour for performance by the Site Specific Class and to stay as long as you like!