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Ciao! Say ‘Hello’ to study in Florence, Italy!

Are you interested in traveling to Florence Italy, learning more about painting and drawing and getting academic credit for it? Well this is your lucky summer! To learn more about it attend the information meeting Friday January 28th at noon in the Photo Crit Space, Harder Hall, 2nd floor.

For more info download the poster: Alfred In Florence , contact Professor Kevin Wixted ( or check out the hosting school at

Next Wednesday: Pin Hole Cameras!

Just a reminder, next Wednesday we will be learning more about pin-hole photography. Make sure you come to class with a camera and lens material, we’ll help you assemble it and supply the paper! Remember that a camera is simply a light-tight box or object and that the lens material is a piece cut from a pop or soda can.

Thanks to Make: zine for the pix. For more about the Pinenut Pinhole camera go to:

Welcome Back!

We hope that you have all had a restful break, re-connected with family and friends — perhaps even missing your new home in Alfred? We are busily planning the spring semester and have some important information to share with you.

You have all been divided into new groups for the spring semester.  There are 4 groups ( A, B, C, D). The spring semester is organized differently from the Fall in that you will be engaged in 4, six-week long workshops. These workshops build on many of the themes and skills that you have built last semester and introduce new ways of working.

They are: Drawing, Color, Systems and Time.  Each group will be assigned to 2 workshops during A block and 2 workshops during B block.  These workshops will run during our normal Foundations class time from 8-11 am. Classes will be held int he following studios: Drawing: Cohen Studio main floor, Color: Cohen studio basement, Time: Harder Hall Studio, Systems: Harder Hall Studio.

Below you’ll find the Group List, that shows which group you belong to and the second one shows your group’s workshop schedule.

We’ve already posted material lists requested by each professor on this blog. Please make sure that you buy the materials for the specific section you are assigned to. Use the name of the professor to know which section. Two sections, Systems and Color, are using the same materials list. Please have all materials purchased before arriving back to school as you all know how hard it is to find them near Alfred.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon!  Don’t forget to check your Alfred email when you return to campus for any late breakin’ news.
– Michelle and Angie