Systems: Materials

(This is for ALL sections, so everyone will need the following supplies)

You may ask, "What is a seam ripper?"

We’ll be giving you supply lists and info about your spring classes after New Year’s Day, but thought it might be helpful to have your Systems Workshop supply list now!

Systems Workshop Materials List

3-ring Binder

Coffee Mug

Seam Ripper
Assorted colors of Sewing Thread ( about 3 -5 spools)
Black, White and Gray Heavyweight Thread (Button or Carpet Thread)
Assorted colors of Embroidery Floss
Package of assorted hand-sewing needles (including heavy-duty or curved)
Package/Small Box of Straight Pins
Good pair of fabric cutting scissors or rotary scissors
2 used, stuffed animals ( find med. to large size ones, they will be taken apart for our class purposes)

Fabric: You will need a large quantity of fabric for this workshop. This fabric can be bought new but we strongly encourage you to be creative in how to procure used material to recycle. The fabric can be found fabric i.e old blankets, used clothing, used sweaters, sheets, coats, old evening gowns. Salvation Army is a good place to start or check around with your family — I am sure that parents and relatives have lots of old clothes etc… hanging around. Keep an eye out for unusual patterns, colors, textures, etc…the more quantity and selection you have the better. Also please wash all items before bringing them back to school.

You will also need a big bag of ‘stuffing’ materials. We’ve found that large used mattress covers are great for this, or old blankets, pillows, plastic bags or foam.

If you have a portable sewing machine you may find it useful to bring back to campus. We do not expect you to one and we will have some on hand for your use,
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