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SoftWORKS : : Installation Presentation

As promised, here’s my presentation from this morning’s class. Take a moment and look over, you’ll also find the assignment and some suggestions for getting started at the end.

And a big thanks to Christina Stillwaggon for volunteering to make a poster for our exhibition next week. Please give her some suggestions for the title of the show! Anyone interested in handling the music?

PS. Thanks to the artists, whose work I used this morning and to Art 21!


Thanks to the snow, we all get a moment to catch up! Enjoy the free work day.

We will be going ahead with the crit as scheduled for tomorrow in Michelle/Angie’s  Systems::softWORKS course. So

please have your work fully installed and ready for the crit tomorrow at 8 am!

An Evening of Dance!

Get your tickets now!

Alfred University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Division of Performing Arts Presents

An Evening of Dance
featuring new works by guest artist Yoshiko Chuma, AU faculty, and students.

Thursday February 17th-
Saturday February 19th @ 8 P.M.
Miller Theater
Miller Performing Arts Center

$5 general admission
$1 AU student with ID
Reservations strongly recommended
For tickets call 871-2828 or

Something inspirational.


Calcispongiae by Ernst Haeckel

I was thinking about all of you researching the interior of the body this weekend and wanted to share something I think is really inspirational, the drawings of Ernst Haeckel. For more of these lovely drawings, do a google image search!   (MI)