A Group:
 Meets with Andrew Deutsch’s Time Workshop in the rear of the Harder Hall
Studio (end nearest painting studios) Please bring a notebook and a pen/
B Group:
 Meets with Michelle and Angie’s Systems: Softworks workshop in the front
space of the Harder studio (end nearest Moka Joka).  Please bring your
stuffed animals and your seam ripper. (and mug)
C Group:
 Meets with Stephanie McMahon’s Color Workshop in the basement of Cohen.
Please bring your kits make sure the following is in the kits: all of your
paint, brushes, container for washing brushes, a ruler and an exacto or
utility knife for cutting paper.  No need for drawing boards.
D Group: 
Drawing with John Gill and Kathy Vajda on the main floor of Cohen.  Please
bring your objects to class and  kits — make sure you have charcoal in the
kits.  No drawing board needed.
*those meeting in Cohen will need to remember to bring your key cards– building access is restricted to those with keys.