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Found Object in Sculpture, Installation and Performance Art
IART 377, Fall 2011  M + W 10:20am – 1:10pm
Instructor: Laurel Jay Carpenter

Course Description:
Through object experiments and spatial investigations in this studio course, students examine the fundamental techniques of found object artwork, using accumulated or altered mass-manufactured objects in hybrids or series to create personal work in the disciplines of sculpture, installation and/or performance. Through research and hands-on experimentation, students will have an opportunity to further appreciate how material, space and intention cooperate to form three-dimensional art.  Direction of the course will be lead by student interest and may include traditional assemblage sculpture, site-specific installation and prop-driven performance art, with attention paid to the interaction and collaboration often called upon in large-scale work.  Slide presentations and discussions about contemporary art will further explore the historical, cultural and popular aspects of the found object.
(Note: As a sophomore in the fall, this course may be taken as an extra course in addition to your two sophomore studios, but will count for elective credit not studio credit.)