Just to recap what you need to do for this evenings homework:

Build a cardboard / chip board structure.
Use only cardboard or chipboard and hot glue to put it together.  While the structures do not need to be completely finished by the morning they do need to be done to a point where everyone will easily see what you are trying to do.  We posted some links on line (below!) that show some examples of how to work with cardboard — please take a look at these before you start working.

The Harder Hall studio is open from 7 am – 2am. Doors lock at midnight.

The theme is “ In Transit”

Some of you will be building large structures, Max. 6 ft in height – Min. 4 ft. These should be 2 sided so that they are capable of being free standing.

Some of you will be building smaller structures that will be between 18 – 24 inches in height.  These can be flat 2 dimensional objects or can also be 2 sided objects that are free standing

For all of you please be aware of craftsmanship and how cleanly you cut and construct with the cardboard.

Tomorrow we will be meeting in Nevins campus theater at 8 am.  Please leave your cardboard structures down in the Harder studio where we will be looking at them later tomorrow morning.