fuseLAB Homework!

This just in from Stephanie and Lissy. Your homework: Color Dimensions… FOUNDATIONS FUSE LAB
Spring 2012
Materials and Research Due: Monday. Work on models and Idea in class
Title: “Color Dimensions”
Description and Goals: In the next project, we will explore color in a three dimensional format.

You will design a three dimensional unit that can be repeated to create a larger sculpture. Your sculpture can be free standing or relief.
1) Your color choices should reveal directional movement in your sculpture.
2) You must identify and use a specific color scheme, color strategy or perceptual manipulation from the exercises/projects we have made. tints/shades/tones/vibration/transparency/shadow/color spectra/making one
color appear as two colors/harmonious color/color dischord….

Materials: You will be using paper/paper board for this project. You may use your Bristol Board or another type of paper that is better suited to your idea.

You may use rigid illustration/matboard/foamcore, etc.
(cardboard can be used but it tends to warp and delaminate when painted on one side)

Your sculpture can be a result of a process..i.e. your “unit” could be a result of ripped/torn/woven colored paper or it might be a very planned out and rigid crystalline structure…

Research Requirement:
Think about what approach suits you…(what are your tendencies? what are your best abilities?) find images of things that are made of repeated modular units and bring in at least 15-20 inspirational images that inform your sculptural
ideas or your color ideas. Do not conduct your research solely on the internet.

Go to the library and get books or photocopy periodicals. Your sources could be man-made or from nature. They could be microscopic or macroscopic scale.

You will be expected to start building models based on your
research on Monday. You will begin building your actual
sculpture on Tuesday.

You will be responsible for acquiring and bringing the
materials/tools that are necessary for your work. We have
some paper available. You should bring all the materials you
think you will need to class on Monday and Tuesday.