Next WEEK: Amara Geffen and Darren Miller!

Next Wednesday at 9am,  we will welcome visiting artists Amara Geffen and Darren Miller.
Both are faculty members at Alleghany College in Meadville, PA and Darren graduated from Alfred in 1995. Their talk is titled: Art/Life, and will talk about studio practice, activism, and collaboration. Click to learn a little more about our visitors.


Amara Geffen is a professor of Art at Allegheny College and directs the Arts & Environment Initiative, a college-community collaboration that focuses on arts-based placemaking and community development while emphasizing creative reuse, re-purposing and collaboration. Amara’s teaching merges best practices from the arts-based community development and sustainable development movements with traditional studio practices. Amara’s environmental projects have received support from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. In addition she has received grants from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, as well as state and national awards for her community-based projects, which emphasize reuse, repurposing, and revitalization of local sites. Amara studied at California College of Arts & Crafts, the University of Cincinnati and Indiana University, Bloomington.

Darren Lee Miller ’95, enacts performances for the camera and aims his lens at cultural signifiers of power to better understand how we all participate in domination and subordination from day to day. Interior spaces reflect the inner spaces of emotion, subconscious and intimacy. He continues to re-visit his home in upstate New York, and now he lives in northwestern Pennsylvania, two geographic areas stuck in time that function, for him, as the strange, anachronistic stages for the world he creates in his photographs. In his curatorial practice, Miller is an activist and collaborator. By working with established regional and national artists, as well as emerging artists, Miller cultivates an “experimental laboratory” for artistic endeavors. Miller’s work to connect the content of exhibitions to curricula in other departments has effectively linked gallery programming to the learning objectives in subjects like Environmental Science, Dance, English, History, Women’s Studies, Queer Studies, Communication Arts, and others. His curatorial work is also designed to serve off-campus constituencies like farmers and gardeners, local business owners, educational groups, and artisans.