Daily Archives: July 10, 2012

So what are the requirements to graduate?

It seems like it is far off into the future…. graduation! As with any destination, to get there you’ve got to know where you are and how to arrive. During your years here, you’ll use a check sheet to help map out your path to graduation. There are three depending on your goals: BFA (most art students), BS, and BFA with an Education Minor. To get your own copy, go to the School of Art website at http://art.alfred.edu/ and scroll down to Undergraduate Requirements. Choose the one you need, click and it will download to your computer.  Also you may want to download the Student handbook, just above it on the same page!

Have YOU registered?

Have YOU registered yet? It’s important that all students register as soon as possible to take advantage of any open seats in courses. Check to see that you have at least 12-14 credit hours. If you do not, it may affect your financial aid. In case you still need a class, you might want to check out new courses that were recently added:

ENGL 102 Writing II 11:20-12:10 M,T,W,F
ENGL 221 Tales of King Arthur 3:20-4:10 M,T,W,R
HIST 121 Medieval Cultures 4:40-5:30 M,T, W, R

Comm 110 Mass Media and American Life. The course meets MTWF, 12:20-1:10

Good Luck!