First Day 2012!

Monday we will be meeting in Harder Hall in the Foundations Studio at 8am. Please be on time since we will be jump-starting things rather quickly.

Please bring with you your Tool Kit, Home Map, Special Object and Sketchbook/Pen.

While you did not need to buy your Tool Kit from AU, it is required for all students. If you did not pre-order a Tool Kit and need one, the Bookstore does have extra for sale, but please act fast since they are limited. You will not need your book, How to Be an Explorer of the World, just yet.

You may want to claim a locker so that you won’t need to carry your tools/projects back and forth. Lockers are located in the hall near foundations (near the windows where you can watch glass). To claim, put your name/semester/and year onto a piece of tape and lock it with your own lock. Feel free to claim two if you like. Keep in mind that at the end of each semester you will need to change your tape information, since any that are not current are opened and emptied.

From last week it looks like all of you are scheduled correctly, but if you have questions as the week unfolds, please do not hesitate to ask.

See you tomorrow!