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Lou Krueger @ STUDIO Visits! This week we welcome artist Lou Krueger to the stage! Join us Wednesday October 3rd at 9am in Nevins Theater in Powell!  Lou will talk about his photographs, cameras and installations…,and then have a great conversation with the SOAD graduate students and the audience. Lou is a wise and sharing teacher, an inspired artist and a delightful person. You shouldn’t miss this chance to hear him speak!  And then…join us in the Holmes Auditorium in Harder Hall Wednesday evening… he will be giving his Marriage Manifesto around 9pm!

Go to the STUDIO Visits site to hear all about it!

After the Pulled Resources visit, some of you expressed interest in getting involved in local environmental and energy issues. Here’s one way. This invite comes from individuals who are organizing the peaceful protest.

A show of protest against fracking in NYS  will take place on Friday Oct. 5 at 2:30 PM on Main St., Alfred.  The occasion is a visit by State Senator Cathy Young to Alfred’s business area to see the changes brought by the New York Main Street program, village residents and business owners.

Make/bring signs in opposition to hydraulic fracturing or its many related, destructive activities.  Gather on the sidewalk in front of Carnegie Hall.  We’ll walk along the sidewalks in the downtown area. Spread the word, bring others.  Thank you


Poster by Nate WIlliams, check out his cool work here…

Hello All Students of the Line.

Tomorrow, Monday please make sure to bring with you:

all the materials that you collected, the photos, evidence of your investigations, and anything else that shows how you explored the line this week using your WORD as a lens.

Also bring your:

computers, (or digital images on a disk), color photo paper and any drawing/painting tools that you would like to use!

We will be working in class. Thanks! ………..Michelle, Brett, Mike, Adam.

On Wednesday September 26th STUDIO Visits will welcome the artist duo Pulled Resources to the Nevins Stage in the Powell Center at 9:00 am.

Pulled Resources is the collaborative team of Thomas Sturgill and Dan DeZarn. Originally using the tagline, “…swiftly constructing large, labor intensive projects in relatively short periods of time and with fairly modest budgets.”  They will share with the audience two current projects, Frack Follow and Community Camaro that take a longer more complex look at the ideas of commodity, resource, environment, and material usage. Both are umbrella pieces that facilitate entirely new bodies of work and directions of investigation and action.

Check out their Pulled Resources Facebook page or their project Community Camaro ( ) to learn more!

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