Bring Back from HOME?

While at home please purchase or collect the following materials…

Group B, for Angie and John’s class, please see above for a link to the reading and please bring:
A 1 – 2  inch wide utility paint brush
A covered container that holds at least a quart of liquid to hold glue
Newspaper ( i.e 2 sunday papers worth )
Clay working tools ( if you have them)

Group B, for Jason and Will’s class ….Please restock your kits with:
vine charcoal
compressed charcoal
graphite sticks
sobo glue
white and black acrylic paint
blue painters tape
also: bring newspaper/newsprint/collage materials back from home

For Brett and Michelle’s STUDIO Research (the LINE) please bring a notebook and your laptop to class on Monday (if you have one.)

Please check back, there may be additions. (PS. BRING YOUR DOWN COAT + BOOTS)