Daily Archives: November 10, 2012

Welcome to Scott Belville this week!

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Growing up in the South has influenced my outlook and approach to painting.  Living in a hot and sweaty environment you have to look underneath and consider both sides to any story or event.  I see my own visual voice developing along a path more similar to a southern writer like Flannery O’Conner than any painter that comes to mind. Existing as a human being in the modern-day world supplies the moral deliberations in my work.

I paint in a non-linear manner where images come and go in search of their own needs, fulfillment, and atonement.  In the process of coming to an image, I frequently add or subtract figures, change night into day, or transform an interior scene into a landscape.  I may begin a painting thinking of it as a song of love and witness the work become one of sorrow, or an angry image can sometimes turn into a sweet and caring work.  The paintings teach me about myself.  They arrive on their own terms and in their own visual moment.    ———Scott Belville