tumblr_mi5d7fYbUF1rsao10o1_1280Hello Freshmen class, I would like to extend an invitation to a workshop event I am putting on for the next two Wednesdays called ‘Movement.’ During the session we will work on the challenge of drawing and articulating a moving figure model. There is a few different formats for modeling over the course of the session, each is performed with music to pace and inspire both the model and the illustrators. Movement has been described as an interesting challenge but mostly as lots of fun, so come join some alumni, upperclassmen and a professor or two for this exciting event!

To see more drawings of movement and other inspiring explorations of the figure and form take a look at my blog http://figureformandmovement.tumblr.com/

Hope to see some of you on Wednesday at 9:00pm in Binns room 134 (the drawing studio to the right of the art office)

Drawing X TA Michael Stevenson