Daily Archives: September 12, 2014



Some links to check out to get you moving on your next project:

Rachel Bernstein’s collages  /   Hokes Archives   /  our very own Austyn Taylor   /   Walton Ford   /   Spunky Zoe   /   Inka Essenhigh

also be sure to check out EB Hudspeth, John James Audobon, AND please google Luigi Serafini’s Codex Seraphinianus – the images are amazing and inspiring.

And remember: the paper you bought will be divided into 3 different drawing surfaces. One long strip at the bottom which will be 7″x30″ and is to be folded into an accordian book with 6 pages – 5″ each.  The remainder of the paper will be divided in two, making 2 equal-sized pieces at 15″x15″ square.  These are the pieces you will do your two drawings on.  The collages are to be done on 10″x10′ paper. Please have these completed by THURSDAY and have begun your drawings and book. They are due on FRIDAY of next week.