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Final Reviews!

When you return from Thanksgiving, you will be required to attend a final review of your work with a team of faculty. Below is the list of materials required for final reviews.

Drawing: O
• Night Drawing
• Best Search Line
• One Smoke Drawing                                                                                                                                    • Paper Collage
• Final Project

Drawing: X
• Hybrid Collages
• Stencil Piece

Studio: Make
•  Documentation of your two projects (color photographs/printed full sheet)

Studio: Research
• Blog
• Documentation of Final Project (color photographs/full sheet)

Make a note of the day, time and number location of your final review — all reviews will take place in the Cohen Studio.  Before coming back from break assemble all of the required work and make sure that drawings are finished and clean and that your documentation is done. Remember that we will not be holding classes as usual and that your only responsibility is to show up for your final review during the week of Dec. 1st.  Please arrange to arrive at the studio 15 minutes before your review so that you have time to set up your work and be ready when your review time begins.  Remember, also, that missed reviews will not be rescheduled and that missed reviews will result in a lowering of your final semester grade.

All artwork and materials must be removed  from both the Harder Hall and Cohen Studios by 6pm tomorrow evening.  Anything left over will be discarded. Foundations is officially over for the semester at 11:00  am on Tuesday December 2th. Have a nice Thanksgiving!