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Turner Gallery – Call for Submissions

Turner Postcard

The Robert C. Turner Gallery is looking for exhibition submissions for the upcoming Fall Semester! This is a great opportunity to propose a show on a theme of your choosing and gain the experience of curating and hanging work in a beautiful gallery space on campus.  To look at images of past shows please check the Turner Flickr page and their Blog.

Information regarding submissions is here.  The deadline for submissions is Aprli 6th!

The Turner Gallery is a student-run space, meaning the directors, gallery officers, and exhibition maintenance staff are all students, just like you. If you have any interest in becoming a part of the gallery team- whether you are interested in hanging work, designing posters, or organizing schedules – you should sign up for the Turner internship class. The interns vote on show applications, assist in hanging art work, create PR materials, photograph shows, and update social media platforms. They keep the gallery running in a professional manner. If any of this interests you – get involved!