What to bring to my reviews?

Your 15 minutes of fame is almost here! This is what faculty would like you to bring.

Please note: Any documentation should be in 81/2 x 11 format, one image to a sheet. You may also bring your computer to show your blog or do a power point with not more than 10 images. No un-curated photo folders will be accepted.

fuseLAB (all sections):   Video, Your choice of two photograms


Trevor:  Your choice of 4 most successful drawings/projects


Empty the pen drawing
ink wash studies (4)
large ink wash
colored pencil studies (3)
Colored pencil on colored paper
Final drawing

makeLAB: (all sections) Documentation of your process and final sculpture


Andrew/Michelle:  Documentation or actual: Letter to Alfred, Alfred Resource Map, Pop-Up Public Service

Brett: Documentation of last two Projects