Studio: MAKE Home Work Message for B Group

B Group Homework/ Research
Studio: Make
Due: Thursday September 3rd

Hello B Group!

Professor Green and I have an ambitious first project planned for you. In preparation for our class on Thursday we would like you to gather the following:

200 items

These 200 items are the raw materials for your upcoming project. To help you collect these items we have compiled a list of words that you can use as a guide while you are brainstorming and searching for your materials.

linear fuzzy smooth angular asymmetric
bent bulbous chunky concave corrugated
curly flat forked pointy solid
hollow coiled abrasive barbed bouncy
bushy bumpy dehydrated ductile elastic
encrusted fluffy grooved hairy inflated
jagged knitted layered ribbed rough
sharp sleek spikey swollen thin
transparent woven withered broken bent
dull shiny tough fragile small
polished colorful frayed dense porous

As you are accumulate these 200 items please keep the following in mind:

Collecting materials that represent breadth and variety are key to a successful beginning!

– bring in multiples or a quantity of a certain kind of material ie. A bag of marbles, a ball
of yarn

– dumpster dive, bring in found materials and scavenge around campus and the village of
Alfred. REPO is a great resource as is the Op Shop ( thrift shop located in the parish house
of the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Alfred. They are open on Tuesday afternoons)
– bring in materials of varying sizes


– bring in 200 of the same item and assume that you have fulfilled the homework assignment.
i.e a box of 200 toothpicks.
– bring perishable items such as food, bodily fluids or natural materials that will quickly

** All materials will be permanently altered. Do not bring in items of sentimental value that you do not wish to be damaged.