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SEE LAB – materials and reading for next week!

Groups C and D –

For Monday (Angie and Trevor’s class) and Thursday (Kat’s class) please make sure you have the following:

drawing utensils  (marker, charcoal, graphite, ink), a blindfold, tape, sketchbook, your cell phone and headphones.

Also please read the short reading on the SeeLab blog and be ready to discuss the first day of class.

-Angie, Kat, Trevor




From the Writing Center

The Writing Center provides free writing assistance to all Alfred University students, faculty, and staff. Our eight student tutors represent a range of disciplines, including English, communications, psychology, Spanish, chemistry, biology, and fine art. Tutors are trained to deal with all kinds of writing tasks. Whether you need help discovering ideas, organizing information, revising a final draft, or preparing technical documents, the Writing Center can help you improve your writing abilities and gain confidence as a writer. The Center is located upstairs in Herrick Library in the Center for Academic Success. We also have Sunday and evening hours on the first floor of Herrick. You can make an appointment at our website, Walk-ins are welcome, but priority is given to scheduled appointments.

How to use the Writing Center:

  • Sign up for an appointment at We welcome walk-ins, but priority goes to students who have made an appointment.
  • Our standard appointments last 30 minutes. If you think you will need longer, sign up for two.
  • Please bring a copy of your writing assignment with you.
  • If you must cancel an appointment, you can do so on line up to one hour before the appointed time.
  • Questions or problems? Please contact the director, Vicky Westacott, at

The Writing Center is open Monday through Friday in Herrick Library 218 (in the Center for Academic Success) and Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings on the first floor of Herrick. For more detailed information about our hours and locations, go to and click on “make an appointment” or stop by the Writing Center and ask. We are always glad to help.



First Week Workshop!

Hello Students,

Hope you had a fun and restful break!  Your faculty are gearing up for your return. We’ve planned a workshop for the first week back that will further explore the theme of identity and the mutability of individual representation.  In preparation for this workshop we would like you to gather the following and bring these items back to campus:

  • 3 family photographs representing different time periods.  These may include you and/ or members of your extended family.  As you choose photographs think about humor, significant events and how well you know or would like to know your family members.  These photographs will be used for reference and will be returned to you.
  • Costume props:  clothing, jewelry, wigs, make-up.  Bring in as much variety as you can.  These items will be returned to you but may also be shared by other students in the class.
  • DSLR camera ( only if you already have one)

makeLAB: Jason + John

For those in Jason and John’s section of makeLAB, please bring the following supplies with you to the first day of class.

2 Rolls – White Button/Upholstery Thread ( )

1 Gallon – Elmer’s Glue-All White Glue ( )

1 Pair Diagonal Cutters ( )

4 Quarts of Gloss Latex Paint in 4 different colors of your choice. You can get these mixed at Lowes/Home Depot or your local hardware store. Sometimes you can find miss-mixed paint at these stores for a substantial discount.

Trim Roller Paint Kit with Fabric Roller Covers -Please get fabric roller covers, not foam. Includes paint tray, roller and roller covers.( )

A collection of large cardboard boxes and found/recycled paper. Newspaper is ideal, but any type of recycled paper will work. At least 6 large cardboard boxes and several bags of paper. You can flatten the boxes to transport them.

Liquitex Basics Acrylics – You will also be using the Liquitex acrylic paint that came in your tool/material kit, so restock those if necessary.( )




fuseLAB: Lydia/Caitlin

Students in Lydia and Caitlin’s (ONLY) please purchase the following, replenish your kits and bring all to the first day of class.

-sketch book
-a pack of plain printing paper
-smartphone with camera (if possible)
-DSLR (if possible)
-Foundations kit
-replenish acrylic paint and colored pencils if need be
-brushes in kit
-xacto and blades in kit
-ruler in kit

Spring Schedule!


First find out what  class group you are in (ABCD), then look at the  schedule  to see which studios and professors you will have first!

Your Spring semester will be comprised of four different LABS: seeLAB, makeLAB, fuseLAB and coLAB. Like in the Fall, each course will last for one Block (half of a semester). Your class size will be smaller because there are now four groups! A, B, C, and D.

Keep you eyes on the blog as faculty post materials you will need to bring from home!

dandelionyayseeLAB is designed to expand upon the drawing experience in the fall semester which introduced students to basic observational and alternative drawing languages.

fuseLAB explores concepts of design and image-making, light and color. Students may consider communication and surface through exploration of the natural world and the built environment.

makeLAB This course is intended to develop a student’s knowledge of hand skills and craftsmanship through concept and material investigation, the use of tools and a consideration of three dimensional space.

coLAB provides an integrated art-making experience that builds on the research methods introduced in the fall. The emphasis will be on helping students translate their explorations into appropriate art forms that best communicate their concepts. Projects explore context in art-making and may facilitate engagement with physical and thematic communities with opportunities for collaboration and dialogue about co-production.

Please keep in mind that you must pass ALL four LABS to pass Foundations.