coLAB: Materials for Michelle, Emily, Ben’s class only


Hello Group C ! Hope you are having a great break.

For your coLAB workshop you will need to assemble a resource kit by either purchasing the materials or procuring them from family, Goodwill, or estate sales. Please bring everything on this list to the first day of class in a box or other container…

Also if you own a sewing machine, you may want to bring it back to school with you… (Click to read full list!)

3 yards of fabric. These can be in pieces that are 1/2 yard or larger. As you select these, think about materials that you like and that might go well together. Consider that you may also be able to reclaim/reuse some fabric from old clothing, blankets or sheets.

1 medium sized crochet hook size (I/9 – K/10)

1 ball of yarn (or more)

1 package of needles of various sizes, including embroidery.

1 piece of felt (at least 5″ x 5″)

1 pair of good scissors

1 spool of thread (any color)

1 piece of clothing that is interesting in some way (great fabric or pattern, layer of fabric like in a ball room gown, etc.) You will not be able to use this after the fact, so please nothing that has any personal value.

1 old stuffed animal (that will not be returned)

1 package photo paper (you should have some of this on hand, refill with small photo size if you do not)

Add to your kit anything that you find that you might like to use: buttons, snaps, ribbon, binding tape, rick rack, foam, stuffing, satin edging… etc. etc. etc..

Also you will be using your blog, so please make sure that you can still access it or begin a new one.