makeLAB: Materials for Andrew and Marguerite

For Andrew and Marguerite’s Sections of MakeLab, Groups B & D.

A important practice as an artist is collecting. Whether it be specimens of different elements of nature like shells, unusual sticks, or rare stones.  Some things, like the lint in our pockets we collect un-intentionally.

For the First day of class we will be participating in a gift exchange, sharing the objects we collect with each other.

You will need to bring in three objects –
2 things will be specimens from collections you have made.
Bring one thing you collect un-intentionally.

Package these objects together and wrap them as a gift, please provide a card that has a one sentence descriptive label for each of the objects.

Also, Please sign-up for woodshed training in the first week of the semester, there are sign-up sheets in the hallway outside the woodshed. This is MANDATORY for completion of the class.