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You should bring:

Your completed object from memory – make sure it is covered in the plaster gauze and, ideally, completely dry.

ALSO – we would like you to scrounge the campus for cardboard – please see if you can bring in a box-full of cardboard scraps for tomorrow. The dining halls will probably have lots of cardboard boxes from the food deliveries.  And if you have any cardboard boxes from your move here, please donate! We went through a lot today and will need more for the rest of the week.

Please also bring a drawing/writing tool, your box cutter, cutting mat and scissors.  You should also bring a lock for a locker.


First Day homework – MEMORY

So, we learned that memory is weird and fluid and strange and full of holes and gaps…

To reiterate the homework- you are going to have 2 edited drawings and 2 edited written descriptions of 2 different objects.  Remember to be as SPECIFIC as possible. You are an artist and as an artist, you will have to make very specific and unique decisions – so when you say “Pink” – think more specifically about what that pink is – hot pink, pastel, matte, shiny, fleshy… This is going to distinguish your “pink” from someone else’s “pink”

Here are some of the artists that Sophia showed today:

look them up!

Mike Kelley, Do Ho Suh, Doris Salcedo, Liliana Porter, Martha Mysko, Marcie Paper, David Hammons, Robert Gober, Claes Oldenburg, Franz West.




static1.squarespaceFor the first week of Foundations we are excited to have visiting artist, Sophia Flood, joining us from Brooklyn, NY.  Please check out her wonderful paintings and sculptures on her website and there is a great interview with her here.

For Monday we would like you to bring your 9B graphite stick (this should be in your art kit)

Please also read this short article about the art of serendipity.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends and see you Monday morning at 8!

– Kat, Angie, Sara