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Experimental Drawing homework

1.      LIQUID GREY STUDY using acrylic and brush -(water, paper towels)

Divide paper into four even parts.  In each division please make an even grey scale from dark to light
1   Black and White
2.  Red and Green (and white)

3.  Yellow and Purple (and white)
4.  Blue and Orange (and white)
Color has a speed.  Every time you mix it, it slows it down visually.
2.  SPACEPUZZLE   (in black and white)
Find a spot in our Foundation room.   Using visual divisions which include the twine and the architecture of the room, create
an interesting/abstract  personal design… use Black and White acrylic and ink plus any other materials except color.  Must be unified,
   Tension to the edge of the page, variety of marks, shapes,  composition, flat/spacial, warm cool, dark light, calm agitated, light/dark, control/chaos
3.  BRING in a BOOK (LIBRARY) or a COLOR REPRODUCTION of a PAINTING (to work from in class on Tuesday)
Attached please find the artists and images presented to you today.  Choose one image and bring that to class
tomorrow morning.

Here is a link to the paintings shown in class:    paintings


And some more …  Manet’s “A Bar at the Folies-Bergere”Edouard_Manet,_A_Bar_at_the_Folies-Bergère.jpg

Titian’s “Entombment of Christ” (below)


Reminder -Pay for the Philly trip!


Hey guys, remember when we took that *awesome* trip to Philly? Well, as Angie told us on Wednesday, we still need you to pay for it in person at the Bursar’s office in Seidlin Hall.  They are only accepting cash and checks made out to AU. No credit cards unfortunately… Please try and have this paid by next Friday.  Please please. Thank you.


Experimental Drawing Homework!

For Homework
The Tension of the Opposites – two images

Two pieces of paper:  one sulfate, one the “good” paper

Put the three personal objects in different places in the room (where you can see them)

1.   Using the Sulfate Paper
Draw them, locate them, by the space between them and activate the whole page from side to side and top to bottom.
Charcoal, eraser (as a tool)

2.   Using the “good” paper AND your first drawing as a guide (thumbnail)
and any or all of the materials in your ARTKIT except color

Make a unified personal final image, displaying an understanding of three dimensional to two dimensional, planes,  and wide variety of the opposites of your choosing.

Make a note:      Judy and I will provide CANDY on Monday!

– Ro

Instructions for Monday Classes

For monday meet in the following locations and bring the required materials:

A Group:  You will be in the Drawing:EX class with Profs. Livingston and Lohin in the Harder Hall studio ( Moka Joka end). Please bring your art kits and make sure that all drawing materials are present i.e charcoal, pencils, erasers, graphite sticks.

B Group:  You will be in the Studio:MAKE class with Profs. To and Ethridge.  Please bring your art kits + drawing boards and make sure that all drawing materials are present i.e charcoal, pencils, erasers, graphite sticks.



Dear Students,

The following is information regarding B Block Foundations classes and what to bring back to campus after the break.

A Group:

Will be taking Drawing:EX with professors Livingston and Lohin on mondays and tuesdays in the Harder Hall Studio.  On thursdays and fridays you will be taking Studio:Research with professors, Ferguson, Hunter and Oesch in the Harder Hall Studio.

** please bring back the following materials:

  1. 1 ream of 8 1/2 x 11 white copy paper ( 500 sheets)
  2. Any scrap fabric and sewing notions you have at home (check with moms, grandmas and neighbors who sew for donations)
  3. a point and shoot camera or video camera ( if you have access or can borrow one)
  4. Re-fill your art kits


B Group:

Will be taking Studio:MAKE with professors To and Ethridge on mondays and tuesdays in the basement level of Cohen.  On thursdays and fridays you will be meeting with professors Riesing and Green for the Drawing:OB class on main floor of Cohen Studio

** please bring back the following materials:

  1. 6 skeins/balls of yarn.  Colors of your choice. You may buy new or bring yarn that you already possess.
  2. 2 crochet hooks, a size 10 and 20 or equivalent.
  3. Re-fill your art kits





Cohen drawing CLEAN UP

Please please please please help us clean up. Below is a picture from Francis Bacon’s studio… let’s not let it get this bad, eh?

Remove all your drawings (they will get tossed otherwise) and please clean up collage material thats been strewn across the floor.


Francis Bacon: great painter, bad organizer. bacons-studio