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End of Semester and Review Schedule

We will not be meeting as a class tomorrow in order to give everyone time to finish assignments and prepare for final review.  Next week on monday we will be getting together during our regular class time to clean all studios. Please arrange to remove personal items and art work from studios by sunday afternoon.

The final review schedule is attached below.  The reviews are scheduled from 8 am – 11 am next week on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  Please find your name, the day of your review, time and location.  All reviews will happen in the Cohen Studio.  The studio will be divided into review sites 1-8.  When you check the review schedule please note the numbered location of your review.  For example: Tyler Atkinson is scheduled for 8 am on Tuesday December, 5th in Space #1.  This means that Tyler must show up at 7:45, find space #1 and set up his work for an 8 am critique.  Please make sure to show up 15 mins. prior to your review to set up work — bring push pins with you.  Tomorrow I will post a list of work that your faculty would like you to bring to review.


Observational Drawing / T-Day homework


(Njideka Akunyili Crosby painting above – check out this great video of her here)

OK – homework reminder and breakdown of your final project.

You have been given two words with conflicting meanings. This will be the “theme” of your final project.  Remember think about the 30 images you did – how do you assign an image to a description, feeling, mood? How can you use different types of mark-making to talk about rigid v. flimsy? Pristine v. grotesque?

Over the holidays – you will construct a still life that illustrates your two words.  Be creative (we looked at lots of good still life inspiration on Friday).  Construct the still life, light it and make 4 preparatory drawings on 8.5″x11″ paper.  These are sketches – but think about line,value,  weight, COMPOSITION.  You will then photograph these from an angle(s) that you would like to construct your drawing from. Email these pictures to Jason and I at  In the subject line please include your two words.

When we return from break Jason and I will have printed your images and you will start translating them to the 30″x40″ paper using your collage materials.  PLEASE gather and make more collage material – books, pictures, xeroxes, string, candy wrappers, whatever you can find and will work within your drawing.  And remember to think both about texture AND value.

Have wonderful Thanksgivings! Eat good food, sleep, make a still life.

Kat n Jason

Artist and Designer Norman Ives

Don’t miss the exhibition highlighting the work of renowned artist and designer Norman Ives that is currently on display at the RIT University and Bevier Galleries from November 18 to January 6! The exhibit, titled “Constructions and Reconstructions,” includes collages, posters, silkscreen prints, paintings, and sculpture.



Wednesday class and Advising

Tomorrow we will once again be meeting with Prof. Chase Angier over in the Miller Dance Studios.  This time B Group starts first at 9 and A Group at 10.  Please dress appropriately and show up 10 mins prior to class.


I’ve met with all students in B Group today and plan to meet with A Group Students during class time on thursday.  A Group students please fill out the advising planning form you received in class today and bring that with any advising questions you have to your Studio: research class on thursday morning.



group A 11/7: color color color

Please have your homework pinned to the Foundations studio wall prior to the start of class on Monday morning:

  1. Master Painting Study
  2. 100 Simple Geometric Shapes

Remember to bring:

  1. Flashdrive
  2. Something to write with and something to write on for notes


Alfred Studio Crawl today!

Just a reminder that this Saturday is the Alfred Studio Crawl, everyone is encouraged and invited to participate!

As always — have fun and respect the art and studios that you visit.




Wednesday Class

Tomorrow we will be meeting in the Dance studio on the 3rd floor of Miller Performing Arts Center.  Professor Chase Angier will be leading the class in movement exercises for the next 2 weeks.  Please dress in loose clothing for ease of movement.  You will also be barefoot for the class.  Due to the size of the studio we ask you to arrive in two groups.

A Group:  Please arrive at 9 am in the dance studio.

B Group: Please arrive at 9:55 in the dance studio.

** the order will be reversed for next week with B group starting first.

In the meantime check out Chase’s website!