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Gallery Night in Alfred

So many openings tonight. You should go to all of them. Art! Free food! Schmoozing! Art!


At Fosdick-NelsonReel Real, curated by Chase Folsom,  opening 7-9

Five contemporary artists use trompe l’oeil drawing, painting, and sculpture as a seduction to reel the viewer into questioning perceptions of reality.

At Cohen Art CenterRomancing the Toaster, from our very own Myles Calvert!! opening from 6-8 pm

Calvert’s work explores the relationships that develop between everyday objects and popular culture references. Following the ideals of Romanticism, emphasis is given to an individual experience of emotion. A moment of spontaneity allows for humour and a subtle twist to avoid an overwhelming glorifications of the past through objects of the mundane

At Turner GalleryFiguring our Shit Out and Painting ♥’s Photography exhibitions, open 6-8

The Ceramic Art Museum will be open – check out their exhibition Core Sample

And Painting Professor, Stephanie McMahon, has an opening at Jamestown Community College in Olean, titled Earthworks, featuring new paintings!  Opening from 6-8


Ceramic Arts Lecture today – Anja Bache

Randall Chair visiting artist Anja Bache is giving a lecture today on her work. She is visiting us from Denmark and is teaching in the Ceramics division for the semester. Also she was totally impressed with all the books you guys made in your first week! Please check her website and attend her lecture this afternoon, if you can.

4:30-6 in Binns-Merrill Hall, Room 106 C


Your Faculty’s Sketchbooks, round 7

Today I’m posting images of our two new-to-Alfred Foundations faculty, Sarah Gotowka and Megan Scheffer.

Megan is the gallery director at the Sage Gallery at the University of Rochester. She makes wonderfully delicate and intricate sculptural installations and works on paper, check out her website here.  And below are some pages from Megan’s sketchbook:


Sarah Gotowka (Cash Money) is a fiber goddess and runs the Luna Fiber studio in Trumansburg, NY.  You should all take one of her workshops in her studio (we did!). Check out her website here. And below are some images from her sketchbook:

Wednesday’s class (1/25)

For tomorrow’s class we are going to be meeting in groups over in Harder Hall. Sara and I need to photograph everyone for a project.  Please wear a black top with no logos or pattern on it.  The line up is as follows:

9:00 – A Group

9:30 – B Group

10:00 – C Group

10:30 – D Group

ALSO a reminder that we have an ALL SCHOOL MEETING tomorrow in Holmes Auditorium at 12:15. This should only go to 1:00, so you can get to your classes.

See you tomorrow!

For CoLab class this week – A and B groups

A and B groups! Happy Sunday.

For tomorrow (with Kat) please bring all your drawing, painting, collage material (specifically images, pictures, texts that speak to your identity).  Also helpful will be scissors, x-acto knives, glue, tape, cutting mat.

A group with Sara Ferguson (aka: Fergie) will also need these items on Thursday.


image from Carmen Winant‘s Pictures of Women Working – collage installation

Whitney’s A Group assignment for MONDAY


You (and I’m doing this, too) will bring in the following THREE OBJECTS to present in Monday’s class:

-a piece of YOUR art that you’ve made

-a piece of art that you like that ISN’T YOURS

-something that you don’t consider visual art that you like (like a song, a book, a piece of clothing, a lamp, BASICALLY ANYTHING that you don’t consider ‘art’).

Be ready to present and talk about these three objects in class on Monday (about 5-10 minute presentation). Questions?, email me at

One last post on books

There are a number of centers for book arts spread throughout the country, here’s a link to the NYC organization.

Keith Smith, the artist who made the String and Shadow book we looked at the first day has published a number of great books about binding, of particular note are his books about non-adhesive binding.

And here’s one last method for linking pages without glue or thread, this can be done with paper as well.


Marbleized Paper


While we did not created marbleized paper in class, this video is a delight, both in terms of the aged production values of faded film colors, narrator, and sound track, but also pay close attention to the dexterity and tools employed by the artisan making the marbleized paper.