Hope you all have had wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating breaks and are ready to make some art again! Its a new year and we got some new groups, new faculty and some new ideas for us to play with.

THIS is the new group list. You will be in smaller groups with some new faces.  Find what group you are in and then check the workshop schedule HERE.

I am updating faculty profiles, so please check out the new faculty for the Spring.

MATERIALS (read carefully so you will be prepared)

we are asking that you bring back some things with you for use this semester.

You will ALL need to bring for the first week back: decorative papers, collage material, and a used hard-bound book (this can be any book of any size), scissors, ruler/straight-edge and an x-acto knife/box cutter (with fresh blades)

  • For the CoLab classes (Sara and Kat) you will also need to bring some collage material, old photographs or any other 2D visual information that is interesting and pertinent to you.
  • For Sarah Blood and Megan Scheffer’s MakeLab please bring an outfit that is all black – this means no logos or images – head to toe black.
  • If you are in  Andrew Oesch’s FuseLab course he would like you to bring the following:

On our first day we will be having a gift exchange, so you will need to bring a gift to give to your fellow classmates.

For your gift you are to bring the most valuable thing you are willing to give away.

Wrap this gift, and outside the package have a card, which describes the “story” of your gift. This narrative may describe the objects history, what it is, who made it, where it is from, why you deem it valuable.

We will use this gift exchange as a jumping off point to discuss what we value and how value is communicated.

You will be giving this thing away and you will be receiving a gift in return.


And finally, this – because I love it.

Happy New Year!!