Rare Books & the Book Arts


Pictorial Websters

This video of John Carrera’s project is a fine example of an artist book from start to finish; it documents the artist research and the labor entailed in the craft of book-binding.

What is also exciting is that this book exists in different editions, a mass produced unlimited edition was published as well.


William Morris was a Novelist, Poet, Textile artist, and Socialist, amongst other vocations; he was a critical figure in the british Arts and Crafts movement. In his various pursuits he created fine woodblock and illuminated editions of his fantasy novels and other writings. Here’s a link to a viewable archive of books from University of Iowa{which is an important center of the book arts in the US}.


In Los Angles there is the Huntington Estate, which has incredible gardens as well as an incredible library of rare books and manuscripts, here’s a link to the Huntington Digital Library, with some of their viewable manuscripts.