Round 2 — More Awesomeness

Hello Class!

A belated Happy New Year and hearty Welcome Back to Alfred.  The spring semester will bring many new challenges and you will accomplish ever more as you all continue to open your minds to expanded possibilities for art making.  I am sure that you are ready to get started and that the winter break has been a fun and much needed time to re-center, connect with family and friends and a moment to review what the first semester of college was all about.

As some of you may already know I am on sabbatical this semester which means that I am taking a semester long break from teaching to concentrate on my own art making.  Katarina will be Chair of Foundations this semester; she and Sarah will continue to be your academic advisors and will organizing all that has to do with Foundations.  While I won’t be in the classroom on a daily basis I will be looking forward to seeing your progress at the Foundations end of semester exhibition in May.