Daily Archives: March 9, 2017

Workshop supplies

Almost time to start round 2.  Here is a reminder of your new workshops for the B Block.

You will be asked to bring some things back with you for the next block:

For both SeeLab courses (A and B groups) please bring 3 different colors of masking tapes

For Sarah Gotowka (Cash Money) and Myles’s SeeLab class (B group) please bring 8-10  embroidery flosses of various colors and kitchen dish rubber gloves

For both CoLab classes (C and D groups). Please bring a small bottle of baby-oil (or get a big one and you can share with a friend)

For Andrew Oesch’s FuseLab (D group) please bring a gift to exchange:

For your gift you are to bring the most valuable thing you are willing to give away.

Wrap this gift, and outside the package have a card, which describes the “story” of your gift. This narrative may describe the objects history, what it is, who made it, where it is from, why you deem it valuable.

We will use this gift exchange as a jumping off point to discuss what we value and how value is communicated.

You will be giving this thing away and you will be receiving a gift in return.