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CONGRATS! and Show Clean-up!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 6.54.10 AM

Congrats again on a wonderful show! It was a huge success – people loved it!!!

Today it needs to come down so we can let the seniors take over for their senior shows. I highly recommend going in and photographing your work while it is installed.

Any work that you leave out will be thrown out. Please do not make Sara or I or any of the seniors do your job for you!

John Gill and Liisa need groups A and C to come and help video and dismantle the sculpture installation today. They are expecting you at 1pm. Again, do not make John do all the work himself!  Take some photographs and take out some finals week frustration on your paper mache!

TONIGHT- soft opening and PIZZA party!!



Remember we are meeting at Cohen around 3:30 for our “soft opening” Awards will begin at 4:30.  We will have pizza!

And at 7 please go to the orchestra concert at Miller!


For Tomorrow- FRIDAY

Show is looking great, y’all! We still need to hang some work, move things around and clean clean clean.  Our maintenance staff is going to be coming around and doing the floors soon – so all work and bags and art kits, etc need to be off the floor.

FOR TOMORROW we will meet in Cohen again to do some finishing touches and begin lighting the work.  Andrew is working on videos and we will need help setting all of that up.

Many of you were missing this morning and were late. Tomorrow is our last class together so please make it count – be there on time and make a great last impression.

We will also have our “soft opening” tomorrow in the Cohen studios at 3:30.  We will be celebrating the show together as a class and handing out some awards!

See you all tomorrow!