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Lucas Blalock Lecture – Friday the 7th

Brooklyn-based photographer, Lucas Blalock, will be lecturing about his work this Friday! His work is strange and funny and weird (see below) and check this great Art 21 video of him talking about his subjects and process

Deets:   This Friday (the 7th) at 4:30 pm in Nevins Theater

I (KAT) am offering EXTRA CREDIT for those who attend and write a 1-2 page response of his work. 

be there or be a ground beef head:unnamed-2.jpg

Tomorrow -NEVINS 9:00

We will be hosting a faculty member from each of the divisions: Ceramic Arts, Drawing, Painting and Photography, Expanded Media, and Sculpture and Dimensional Studies.

They will introduce each of their areas, faculty and Sophomore studios and get you more prepared for registrations soon!

8caa643366050fe3099b9a3eedcb772f.jpg (David Hammons)

Also a reminder I am holding “office hours” at the Jet today from 2:30-4 if you want to stop by to chat.