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Dance – next semester’s offerings

In case you missed it – here are some dance offerings for the Fall!fase-four-movements-steve-reich_0.jpg(Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker)

Jazz 1: T/H 11:20 am. A dance technique course focusing on the development of jazz vocabulary. Be ready to dance!
Modern 1: T/H 1 pm. A dance technique course focusing on the development of technical and expressive modern vocabulary. Be ready to dance!
New and Existing Repertory M/W 7 pm. In this course you will learn two dances, one of historic significance, and the other a contemporary work. Focuses are on the rehearsal and performance process, and historical connections to choreography.
Improvisation/Composition 1: M/W 11:20 am.  This course is the foundation of dance-making. Students learn basic skills of making work and form by creating a solo piece.
Special Topics: Costume Design for Dance: T 5:10 pm. You will develop costumes for a piece in AU Dance Theater dance by working with a choreographer and the costume shop.
 Fundamentals of Dance. Several sections. I am assuming you have taken this, but maybe you have not. Consider this if nothing else works.
Also, stay tuned in the fall for the audition call for AU Dance Theater!


Hi all,

I know there are a lot of broken hearts out there because Print media filled up FAST. I have been told that there will be 2 sections of print media in the Spring. SO, if you did not get into print for the fall semester, there will be plenty of room in the Spring.