Dance – next semester’s offerings

In case you missed it – here are some dance offerings for the Fall!fase-four-movements-steve-reich_0.jpg(Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker)

Jazz 1: T/H 11:20 am. A dance technique course focusing on the development of jazz vocabulary. Be ready to dance!
Modern 1: T/H 1 pm. A dance technique course focusing on the development of technical and expressive modern vocabulary. Be ready to dance!
New and Existing Repertory M/W 7 pm. In this course you will learn two dances, one of historic significance, and the other a contemporary work. Focuses are on the rehearsal and performance process, and historical connections to choreography.
Improvisation/Composition 1: M/W 11:20 am.  This course is the foundation of dance-making. Students learn basic skills of making work and form by creating a solo piece.
Special Topics: Costume Design for Dance: T 5:10 pm. You will develop costumes for a piece in AU Dance Theater dance by working with a choreographer and the costume shop.
 Fundamentals of Dance. Several sections. I am assuming you have taken this, but maybe you have not. Consider this if nothing else works.
Also, stay tuned in the fall for the audition call for AU Dance Theater!