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Art 21 documentaries


Here is a link to the Art 21 videos we spoke about today in class. You are able to scroll through the artist index and it should take you to a link to their video and information about their artwork.

Here is a link to the New York Close Up series, some of which we sampled today. This series showcases younger artists living and working in New York City.

I recommend watching all of them! They are short, inspiring and give you a great window into different artists’ studios and studio practices.

(Artists we watched today – in order are: Louise Despont, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Diana Al-Hadid, Rashid Johnson, Kara Walker)


Experimental Drawing homework


Homework (due Monday, October 2nd):
1. Pick out 10 ways of drawing from the list of 20 below: write down the list and keep it for critique. 3 of your selections should focus on color.
2. Create a complete composition using the 10 ways of working and using forms and marks from the drawings created during class (repeated throughout the page). You may combine the techniques of drawing with each other. For example, you could draw with both hands using complementary colors. Or you can isolate them and draw one mark with complementary colors, and another mark/form by drawing with both hands. This drawing should be done with any materials you like on the stonehenge paper. Focus on mark-making and repetition.

3. Using the text you wrote about the object you brought to class (written on your first abstract object drawing) create a text drawing. The text should be used as source material the same way you are using the abstract drawings as source material for the large composition. You can use all of the words, some of the words, one of the words, etc. You may create this piece on any type/size of paper and in any medium.

4. The text drawing and stonehenge drawing should work as a dyptich. These will be hung on the wall together and should relate to one another.

Text artists to consider: Jenny Holzer, John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, Lawrence Weiner, Yoko Ono, Mel Bochner.

1. Color: monochromatic
2. Color: primary colors
3. Color: secondary colors
4. Color: analogous colors
5. Color: tertiary colors
6. Color: complimentary colors
7. Drawing with a time limit
8. Texture
7. Quality of line
8. Mark-making
9. Gesture
10. Negative space
11. Positive space
12. Contour drawing
13. Drawing with your non-dominant hand
14. Drawing with two hands at once
15. Collage
16. Drawing without thumbs
17. Drawing while 10 feet away from your paper
18. Value/Shading
19. Drawing while running in place
20. Drawing blind

NYC-Itinerary and Links


Hi all – below you will find a link to the official itinerary for our NYC trip


Please remember: 

Wear comfortable shoes to walk in

Pack light – we are going to be traveling with our backpacks for most of the day – so only bring the necessities!

Bring a phone charger

Bring a drivers license or some sort of official ID

Bring your student ID

Have some cash on you for food, MTA cards, emergencies

This is your hostel and here is a map of where the hostel is in Brooklyn.

There is lots of wonderful food around Williamsburg – not to mention great people watching.

And here are links to the various institutions we will be visiting – both in large groups and the smaller groups on Sunday morning.  Please check these out before we leave so that you can familiarize yourself with whats going on – lots of good things!

The Whitney Museum of Art

Chelsea Gallery hopping

The Museum of Art and Design

The Brooklyn Museum

Erin Riley’s studio

Botanical Gardens

The Metropolitan Museum