NYC-Itinerary and Links


Hi all – below you will find a link to the official itinerary for our NYC trip


Please remember: 

Wear comfortable shoes to walk in

Pack light – we are going to be traveling with our backpacks for most of the day – so only bring the necessities!

Bring a phone charger

Bring a drivers license or some sort of official ID

Bring your student ID

Have some cash on you for food, MTA cards, emergencies

This is your hostel and here is a map of where the hostel is in Brooklyn.

There is lots of wonderful food around Williamsburg – not to mention great people watching.

And here are links to the various institutions we will be visiting – both in large groups and the smaller groups on Sunday morning.  Please check these out before we leave so that you can familiarize yourself with whats going on – lots of good things!

The Whitney Museum of Art

Chelsea Gallery hopping

The Museum of Art and Design

The Brooklyn Museum

Erin Riley’s studio

Botanical Gardens

The Metropolitan Museum