Readings for the next two Wednesday Classes

Dear Students,

Over the next two weeks we will have the opportunity to discuss and explore the new exhibition Queering Space at Alfred University on view at the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery and around Alfred, NY.  This coming Wednesday Nick Lenker will be a visiting artist in our class. He has offered a reading to help set up the conversation and the information he will share about his interdisciplinary practice. Nick Poster

We will meet in Holmes Auditorium at 9:00am

The following week the curators from Queering Space will discuss the exhibition. This includes Loren Britton, Christie DeNizio, Sara Ferguson, Asad Pervaiz, Res, and Erica Wessmann. We will again meet in Holmes Auditorium at 9:00am.

To help explore some ideas and thoughts on queer identity please read the following:

Being in Trouble: In The Company of Judith Butler

The Gender Nonconformity of My Fatness

Looking forward to more conversations on the complexity of identity as artists!