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Walking Tour of Queering Space Interventions

Come celebrate the culmination of the Queering Space Exhibition with a WALKING TOUR of the AU INTERVENTIONS BY ALUMNI, STUDENTS, STAFF, AND FACULTY.

Friday March 30th
11:30am – Alumni Hall with Maria Bentley

12pm – JLC with Mackenzie Slater and Olivia Penna

12:20pm – CDC with Corey Fecteau

12:45pm – McLane with Rise Peacock

Come for all or meet as at one intervention site!

Wednesday Class

Hello Class,

Tomorrow we will be doing 2 activities in 2 locations.

Firstly you will be dancing! This will be your second movement class with Professor Chase Angier.

This time around C and D group will start first and meet Chase in the dance studio at 9 sharp. Remember to wear comfortable clothes to move in and have barefeet. A and B group will meet with Angie in Holmes Auditorium and she will be talking with you about academic advising and how to prepare for Fall class registration — please come prepared with advising questions and something to take notes with.

At 10:00 we will switch. A and B will get Dance at Miller while C and D get advising in Holmes.







Eiko Otake

For class tomorrow we will be welcoming Eiko Otake who is the 2018 Marlin Miller Dance Residency Artist in Residence. She will be speaking about her work and her interaction with the Alfred community. Class begins at 9:30 and we will meet in Holmes Auditorium.

Eiko website


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 11.21.07 AM.png

Prep For Tomorrow

Dear Student

I hope you enjoyed meeting faculty in the four divisions today and seeing the incredible facilities and the work of your upper classmates. Keep Exploring!

Prep For Tomorrow:
Please make sure your work from last block has been removed from the studio and is stored safely. (If your faculty member said they would store your work it does not need to be removed from the studio)

Keep everything for possible inclusion in the Foundation End of the Year Exhibition!

Bring to Class Tomorrow:

  • Chase and Morgan— Make Lab: Bring ceramic kits, sketch book, writing utensil
  • Kathy— See Lab: Art Kits, Charcoal, erasers!!!, drawing boards
  • Kat—Fuse Lab: Art Kits, Paint brushes, Paint, container to clean out brushes
  • Sara—Co Lab: Dress for going outside!, cell phone for pictures, Art Kits and a special object from your bedroom. (larger then a peanut smaller then your palm)

Enjoy this snowy day!

Welcome Back, Round 2

Hello Class,

We are excited to have you back for the last 8 weeks of your foundations year! In preparation for this last block I have attached your schedule for the rest of the semester and some reminders about where to be on Monday what to bring to class and where to meet your faculty

SP 2018 LAB Sched B

Foundations Spring 2018 Materials B Lists

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.29.42 PM

A Group:  will meet with Prof. Gill in the Harder Hall studio ( closest to painting hallway) Please bring a notebook and any ceramic art tools you have or you can purchase the basic ceramic kit in the bookstore.

B Group: Meets with Profs. Scheffer and Hunter in the basement of Cohen. Please bring your kits, sketchbooks, and something to write with and either a camera or your phone to take photos with.

C Group: Meet with Prof. Mc Carthy on the main floor of Cohen. Please bring your kits with all of the acrylic paint replenished + any extra you have at home, an assortment of wide and thin brushes of varying types of bristles (hard/ soft)

D Group: Meet with Prof. Contino and To in the middle Harder Hall studio. Please bring your kits; make sure that your kits contain the block printing inks, an assortment of brushes and any interesting paper you have at home ie, maps, decorative paper, old newspaper, and magazines.