Visiting Artist Traci Molloy!

Artist Traci Molloy will be presenting her work tonight at 7:30 in Holmes Auditorium




Alfred, NY – While most picturesque college campuses display lamppost featuring smiling students and positive affirmations, artist and activist, Traci Molloy, is taking lamppost banners in a different direction. In April, Molloy will install 22 vinyl banners on Alfred University’s campus, her alma mater. The banners will feature a fractured head-shot portrait of an actual current student or alumnus. The imagery will also have handwritten testimonials by the participating women describing their experiences of sexual assault or harassment.

The installation, entitled “Against My Will”, is the result of a yearlong collaboration between Molloy, various University offices, and students involved with peer education around issues of sexual violence. Molloy is a 1992 alumna of Alfred University. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, she travels the country as an artist and activist, often helping communities address issues of violence, addiction, trauma, and loss. Molloy has partnered with children who lost a parent on 9/11/01, adolescents displaced from their home countries due to genocide or war, sexual assault survivors, and underserved youth in both rural and urban communities.

While visiting Alfred the previous year, Molloy spoke with current students and recognized the similar struggles that still exist between her peers and this current generation regarding sexual harassment and assault. She decided to create an art collaboration that would bridge together the generations of survivors, educate current students, and transform the center of the college campus.

For the banners, Molloy hand-painted portraits of each participant using head-shot photographs for reference. Each portrait has aspects of the facial features omitted. This allows for anonymity and allows the viewer to imagine the victim as themselves, a friend, or family member. The participants also entrusted Molloy with a handwritten account of their assault experience, bravely offering to share their painful memories with the public.

An accompanying presentation on Wednesday, April 18, will talk about the collaboration experience and provide some participants the arena to further share their stories. The event will begin at 7:30 at Holmes Auditorium in Harder Hall. The event will also include a musical performance and spoken word. Due to the sensitive nature of this content, the program will caution viewers that these shared words may provoke strong emotional reactions. The Office of Counseling Services is available to Alfred University students and can be accessed by calling 607-871-2300 or visiting the Wellness Center.

Questions about this program can be directed to Dan Napolitano, Chief Diversity Office of Alfred University, at