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Welcome New Students!

Greetings and Welcome to Alfred Foundations,

The Foundations faculty are very excited to meet you in August and have a great deal planned to get the ball rolling for an exceptional year ahead. In preparation for your arrival, we have put together some information that will help you to register for fall classes, gather art materials for Foundations and generally prepare for your new life at college. Please click on the links above for “Welcome” and “Getting Started” these links will get you connected with great, detailed information about the BFA course requirements and suggestions regarding which kinds of courses will be right for you as you plan your fall semester at Alfred.

In addition to the usual activities this fall we will also be host to Visiting Artist Alejandro Almanza Pereda. Check out his website Alejandro Almanza Pereda and this fantastic NY Upclose video about his work Alejandro NY Upclose

If you experience difficulties with registration or have questions please contact Ms. Betsy Kent: who will direct you to the right answer.


See you in August!

Professors: Angie To, Katarina Riesing and Sara Ferguson