Homework instructions for Today! 8/30

Part A:

Select one final image of your project. This image is due at 3 pm today.

Part B:

Each group will select a series of 4 images:

  • 2 best images from your group’s site visit homework (informal images from small group site visits during Wednesday class)
  • 2 images of working process leading up to the final image (images that were almost the best one but not quite there)

Label each image and send as attachments

  1. Group_insert #_Site 1
  2. Group_insert #_ Site 2
  3. Group_insert #_runnerup
  4. Group_insert #_runnerup
  5. Group_insert #_Final

Please reference your group number in the subject line of the email. These images will be made into a Power Point that will be used in our final discussion about the workshop.

Email this to the gmail account: alffoundations@gmail.com.