Studio: MAKE Homework

Make: Final Assignment – In Situ You
  1. Finish a site in the studio (work as a group)
Select a site within the studio. Form a group with the other people interested in the vicinity. Make a plan together to finish the site considering color, height, ground, and wallspace.
2. Make a wearable sculpture to inhabit your site (work individually)
Make a wearable sculpture out of materials in the studio and anything else you can find. Carefully consider your worn sculpture in relation to your site. It is preferable that you not buy brand new materials for this. Be resourceful!


Second-hand sales this week:
  • Sunday 10/7, 11am-3pm, Alfred Montessori School Yard Sale at the Box of Books on Main St.
  • Tuesday 10/9, 2-6pm, Op Shop, in the red brick building just after the sculpture garden on West University St.


The finished site is due Thursday, Oct 11.
The wearable sculpture is due Friday, Oct 12.